Petition Oi, coronavirus mates. It sucks. Let's fuck up the education system to get rid of it.

Close all the fucking schools and colleges mate to stop the evil chinese disease thing from killin me and my teachers mate. we do this and we don't have to wear masks outside dudes.

Sign your life away to my nan's off-license surgical surgery.

696,969 stupid tossers signed this

Can't get map data from the twats using AdBlock Plus Plus Gold Edition + XTRA-LARGE PENIS DLC


Parliament can't be thankful more of the general UK lad population

Parliament has been waiting for a twat to do this so they can make the curriculum more bullshit-intensive to torture 5-year-olds.

Waiting for I don't know like a month for a debate date

Government doesn't like you however.

Government thinks all your tossers are stupid wankers who live in your mother's basement. whoops!

Waiting to infinity and beyond for a government response

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